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We love our boat -

Just wanted to let you know that we absolutely love our boat. We have owned several boats over the last 10 years and we always pick something that we would like to change about the boat shortly after purchasing. However our Desperado is perfect for our fishing application. Here is another successful fishing trip with my wife - we tried to get a good shot of the boat. Or as she calls it her boat, but allows me to drive and maintain it for her!

Mitchell Harper

My wife, Kathryn and I arrived at Bernie's one Saturday morning in January of 2008 as I had decided it was time to re-power the 11 year old Gulf Coast. We had asked for Dennis and as he was busy, we did what everyone does at a boat store.......we looked at boats. Dennis finished up with his customer and it was then that the conspiracy began. It did not take long for Dennis and Kathryn to gang up on me. First it was one of the newer Gulf Coast 23's and then somehow the word Desperado began popping up. Kathryn of course wanted to know; "what is a Desperado"?

It just happened that Dennis was getting ready to deliver a recently completed Desperado Outlaw 22 to a customer in Port O'Connor. She was very shiny and very well appointed and she had loads of storage space and she was very well thought out; obviously she must have been designed by a fisherman with some help from a friendly female. And of course the answer was: "well yes said Dennis, I designed the boat and my wife Barbara definitely provided input".

Dennis is probably a better fisherman than boat dealer as he had us "hooked" in less than an hour and a half! We left Bernie's that Saturday afternoon after leaving a $2,000 deposit so that we could get in line to have one made; it would take the better part of 5 months. We also arranged, with significant encouragement from Dennis to meet him in Port O'Connor the next week-end, as he wouldn't sell us the boat until we had a demo-ride on his own Outlaw.

Test ride day came and it was a dreary, cool mid-coast day with a light 10 to 12 out of the southeast; a mid-chop. Dennis arrived soon after us and we were quickly on our way. Down the intracoastal and quickly out into one of the many bays that Port O'Connor is so well known for. We turned right, we turned left, we ran shallow and shallower. We stopped, we walked from one side to the other and then back again......very, very stable. We got up in some really skinny water with no effort and then headed north for the open bay across from Pass Cavallo and it was here that the Desperado really showed its colors.....what chop? The boat was incredibly smooth and dry, something that was a must as we fish from Rockport and often make long open bay runs to get to our favorite spots.

After an almost two hour boat ride demonstration, we returned to the dock in Port O'Connor and only had one question.......when would our Desperado be ready?

Eleven months after taking delivery in late June of '08, we are just as excited today as when we hooked on to her and left Bernie's last summer. Our Outlaw is equipped with a Yamaha HPDI 225 and simply is an incredible boat. We typically run 35 - 40 MPH across the open bay; all the time getting 3.8 - 4.0 MPG's and have yet had any issues with shallow water; just jack her up and go. And if you are in a hurry, the Outlaw will top out at more than 55 MPH.

Being primarily a wader, I really appreciate the "wet" storage bins in the back and Kathryn just loves the large front "dry" storage for her camera, clothes and who knows what else. The fit and finish on this boat is nothing short of perfection and so was the rigging job that Dennis and his crew did. Everything and I mean everything is "just exactly right"......none of this "well, it will work fine like this". With Dennis, it's either right or it doesn't leave his shop.

These boats are made one at a time, by hand in Port Lavaca so it takes a bit of a wait, but the only thing that limits your abiity to customize the boat to your exact needs is your wife and your wallet.

Everyone that we have experienced at Bernie's shares Dennis' insistence on doing things right and are darn right helpful.

Kathryn and I highly recommend both the Outlaw and Bernie's Boats and Motors! I do want to point out that this is a "big" boat, almost 22' and very wide, so if you're looking for a scooter this isn't your boat. But if you are looking for a professional fishing platform that will provide comfort and safety while still going very shallow, then you need to make a Saturday morning trip to see Dennis at Bernie's Boats and Motors in Victoria.

Ted and Kathryn Nelson : Rockport, Texas

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