In designing the Desperado 22, we looked at every part of the boat from both form and function. The tunnel allows for a full flow of water to the prop while the flat running surface on each side of the tunnel creates lift, allowing you to run across shallow bays with ease. The rounded bow section of the boat provides for a smooth ride while the reverse spray chines on the bow deflect spray creating a very dry and comfortable ride. We looked at the interior layout and storage needs of the fisherman and designed a front casting deck with large storage compartments as well as built in rod and anchor storage. The rear casting deck provides 2 large storage compartments and an additional center storage. All compartments are sealed to help provide dry storage and feature fiberglass lids.

You'll also enjoy our new console and leaning post combination that will allow you to either sit down or stand and drive with comfort. You can in-dash mount your GPS/Sonar and radio's in the console and the leaning post has a rear facing seat that features a 20 gallon rounded live well. Click the pictures below to see a more detailed description on each step of the design.

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